How does your altcoin portfolio work?

Pick your coin, enter in your initial purchase price and how many coins you purchased and our platform will handle the rest. You will be able to track your total investment compared to your profit. Knowing your exact profit at any given moment will put your mind at ease. We'll see you on the moon.

Fast & Tracking

Forget manually calculating your investments. Always know exactly where you stand with your investments.

Know Your Profit

Enter in basic coin information such as purchase price and # of coins and know your exact profit instantly.


Track Your Altcoins Individually with Detailed Information

You may wonder throughout the day what your cryptocurrency is doing, so you may have to go into multiple places to check pricing. Our tool allows you to view everything at once. We track everything from the total Bitcoin value to the value in money. View all of your cryptocurrency investments in our platform at once. You will find detailed information on each coin and help your portfolio growth. Our platform pulls Twitter data from each cryptocurrency you are tracking. This helps you find any news that they may release.

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Amount of Coins Invested

Our platform tracks the amount of money your coins will be earning you and provide real-time data.

Altcoin Profit Margins

Our platform helps you understand the profit margins you have on each purchase you input on our platform.

Percentage Difference

Our platform provides the difference percentage from the amount you spent to the current value of the coin.

Cryptocurrency Data Center

Keeping an eye on the market with our data center will help you see how the market is handling in the past 1 hour, 24 hours and 7 days.

Altcoin Value

Our platform pulls the current altcoin value every 5 minutes.

Altcoin Data

Our platform pulls the market cap, circulating supply and available supply on each altcoin in our system.

Percentage Change

Our platform provides the percentage change of the altcoins from 1 hour to 7 days.

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Mobile App Coming Soon

Our mobile application is still in development and will be available shortly. We'll announce when it is being released.

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